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Week of Real Life Summer Meals

Because sometimes, we just need to see meals without prop styling, editing, and fancy lighting!

Welcome to YTF Community, a place to safely share in the challenges and joys of feeding our families.

Welcome to the recurring series where I share a look at what we actually ate for dinner during a random week. My goal is to be more off-the-cuff than I am in my videos on social media or in my photography here on my website as another way to share the reality of feeding kids.

We just do not see real images of kids food or family meals very often, and I think that’s part of why so many of us feel a constant low-level (or more) tug that we aren’t doing this good enough.

I hope this helps minimize that feeling a bit because I have a feeling we aren’t giving ourselves enough credit.

These meals are in no particular order and might not be what you would expect from someone with the job of food blogger. But they are very real dinners I made for myself and my 3 kids that I documented with a snapshot.

Also, I am not showing “after” photos of the kids plates because that doesn’t sit right with me…but I am going to tell you what we all actually ate so you get the inside scoop on whether my kids actually eat what I make them!

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I would really love to make this an ongoing series where I feature some of YOU, so if you are interested in sharing your meals, please drop me an email or comment below!


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