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Mythology for Kids: Easy Ancient Greek Laurel Crown Craft

Today lets make an Ancient Greek laurel wreath crown crown craft! This Ancient Greek laurel crown craft is inspired by the myth of Apollo and Daphne, which you can read or watch a video about at the end of this article. This craft is great for kids three years old or older, though it will require assistance from an adult. You can use your Ancient Greek laurel crown for a costume, dress up, or just for fun! This Ancient Greek laurel crown craft can be done at home will just a few supplies. Kids can learn fine motor skills as, well as the Ancient Greek myth of Apollo and Daphne.

Come make your own Ancient Greek laurel crown! The Ancient Greek laurel crown craft is a great addition to any halloween costume, Renaissance Faire costume, or a fun addition to your child’s dress up collection.

Easy Greek Mythology laurel crown craft

Mythology for Kids: Easy Ancient Greek Laurel Crown Craft finished craft on light gray concrete brick with bushes in the far background-Kids Activities Blog

Lets make this easy Ancient Greek Laurel crown with just a few supplies!

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Supplies to make an ancient greek laurel crown

Mythology for Kids: Easy Ancient Greek Laurel Crown Craft supplies golden paper, clear headband, hot glue gun, and yellow fake flowers on brown wooden floor-Kids Activities Blog

Steps to make an ANCIENT greek laurel crown

Step 1

Gather your supplies together.

Step 2

Mythology for Kids: Easy Ancient Greek Laurel Crown Craft white paper with leaf shapes drawn on it on gray wooden desk background-Kids Activities Blog

On the back of your paper draw leaf like shapes. Draw as many as you think you will need.

Step 3

Mythology for Kids: Easy Ancient Greek Laurel Crown Craft leaf shapes cut out of golden paper-Kids Activities Blog

Next, carefully cut out all the leaf shapes.

Step 4

Mythology for Kids: Easy Ancient Greek Laurel Crown Craft pile of yellow fake flowers next to a smaller pile of green fake leaves on gray wooden desk background- Kids Activities Blog

If you are using a fake flower in addition to paper leaves, take the fake flowers and leaves off of the stem. You can either pull them off or cut them off.

Step 5

If you are using a fake flower in addition to paper leaves, next cut the petals off the flower. You can discard or save the other pieces for later.

Step 6

Mythology for Kids: Easy Ancient Greek Laurel Crown Craft clear headband with a mix of yellow fake flower petals, green fake leaves, and golden paper leaves glues on on gray wooden desk background- Kids Activities Blog

Now that you have all your leaves ready, begin gluing them on in an arrangement that you like.

Step 7

Once all the leaves are glued on, give the glue a moment to dry. Try on the crown and see if the layout looks good, if it does then you’re done!

Finished ancient greek laurel crown

Mythology for Kids: Easy Ancient Greek Laurel Crown Craft finished craft on white shelf floor in front of light gray wall-Kids Activities Blog

Look at how cool this looks? Isn’t it awesome! How did yours turn out? Let us know in the comments!

Tips to make an ancient greek laurel crown

  • If your paper has a different color on the back of it like mine does, you can tape two of the leaves together so it is all one color.
  • Use the end of a pen, pencil, or paintbrush to help press the leaves into the glue.
  • Use hot glue so the leaves stick to the headband easier.

my EXPERIENCE with this craft

I initially came up with this craft when my Roman Republic professor assigned my class our final project. You may be wondering, what does an Ancient Greek laurel crown have to do with a final project, but I have my reasoning! In the assignment we were given the task of either prosecuting or defending someone who could be responsible for the fall of the Roman Republic. I was tasked with defending Scipio Africanus, a Roman general who was rumored to be favored by the Roman gods. At the same time as this, I had finished reading the Oresteia for another class. In the Oresteia, Apollo acts as a defense attorney to the title character Orestes. Do you see where I’m going here? I thought that it would be a fun idea to dress as Apollo on the day I would present my case because of these two reasons.

I would need to make a key accessory though so my classmates and professor would know what I was going for. I decided I would make myself a golden crown of laurel, just like the one Apollo wears.I figured this would also be the perfect opportunity to make another craft post for Kids Activities Blog, so I made this craft!

Making the craft itself was fun and very rewarding! I got a lot of compliments from my classmates and professor on the day of the mock-trial. However, I did burn my hands a couple of time while making the Ancient Greek Laurel Crown.

the myth of apollo and daphne

Apollo, the Greek god of the sun, music, archery and art, swiftly chased down the monstrous serpent, Python. The serpent had been sent by Hera to chase Apollo and Artemis’ mother, Leto, while she was pregnant with the twin god and goddess. Apollo caught up to the serpent and quickly slayed it with his fierce arrows, taking revenge for how it had tormented his mother.

After Python had been slain, Apollo claimed the land of Python for his own and named it Delphi. As he basked in the glory of his victory, he saw the young god of love, Eros, practicing his archery. Apollo sauntered over to Eros with a smirk on his face.

“How can someone as young as you be as great as an archer as me? I have slayed a great beast, and yet you only aim your bow at mortal men,” Apollo boasted to Eros.

“I may be young, but do not be foolish. I may have not killed a monster, but trust that my arrows are not weak,” Eros warned. Apollo simply scoffed and walked away from the young god.

Not pleased with being disrespected, Eros came up with a plan. He sneakily followed Apollo into a grove where some nymphs were dwelling. Eros fired a golden arrow of love into Apollo’s chest, and then shot one of the nymphs, beautiful Daphne, with an arrow of hatred.

Apollo immediately fell in love with Daphne, but she did not reciprocate! She thought him to be terrifying! Swiftly Daphne feed from Apollo, but he pursued her just as quickly.

Through the dense woods and over streams Daphne ran, but Apollo still pursued her! Apollo cried out to Daphne, begging her to be his. She kept running though, and when Apollo had begun to catch up to her, Daphne prayed to her father for safety.

Daphne’s prayers were answered! Just as Apollo was about to grasp Daphne, she began to morph into a tree. Her skin turned to bark and her hair turned into rich, green laurel leaves. Apollo watched in awe as Daphne morphed into the laurel tree, however the effects of Eros’ arrows had not faded. Apollo still felt love for Daphne, he wrapped his arms around the tree.

“Now this laurel tree will become sacred to me. Alongside the bow and arrow and the lyre it will be my most prominent symbol,” Apollo declared. From that day on, the laurel tree, laurel wreath, and laurel crown became a symbol of Apollo.

The laurel wreath was adopted by the Greeks and Romans thereon after as a symbol of Apollo, as well as of glory, victory, and virtue!

Apollo Video

Apollo and Daphne: The Myth of Unrequited Love

Watch this fun, educational cartoon video about the Greek myth of Apollo and Daphne!

want to learn more about this greek myth

Here is a list of all the sources, videos, and books I consulted to make this fun craft! If you want to learn more, check them out!

more fun history activities from Kids ACTIVITIES Blog

Prep Time
5 minutes

Active Time
1 hour

Total Time
1 hour 5 minutes

Estimated Cost


  • Headband
  • Gold leaves
  • Glue or hot glue


    1. Gather your supplies together

    2. Lay out the leaves on the headband in a configuration that you like, do not glue them on yet! It may take a couple tries to get a layout you like.

    3. Once you have a layout you like, glue the leaves on one by one. Make sure to take your time.

    4. Once everything is glued on, give the glue sometime to dry. After it’s all dried, your Ancient Greek crown is ready to wear!


“Apollo – Greek God of Music, Prophecy & Healing.” Theoi Greek Mythology. Accessed April 26, 2024. 

Buxton, Richard. Greek Myths & Tales: Anthology of Classic Tales. London, United Kingdom: Flame Tree Publishing, 2018. 

Ovid, Metamorphoses, 1.452-525.


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