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Back-to-School Open House Ideas for Pre-K and Preschool

The start of a new school year is an exciting time, especially for preschool and pre-K teachers. Hosting a preschool open house is a fantastic way to make a great first impression on both parents and students. This event sets the tone for the year, offers essential information, and helps to establish a welcoming environment.

Here are some creative and effective back-to-school open house ideas to ensure your event is successful and memorable.

Why Host a Preschool Open House?

Before we dive in, let’s talk about why you should consider having an open house event. Hosting a preschool open house has several benefits:

  • Builds Trust: Parents get to meet you, see the classroom, and understand the environment their children will be in.
  • Sets Expectations: You can outline the curriculum, daily routines, and your expectations for the students.
  • Engagement: Encouraging parents to be involved from the start helps them stay engaged all year and beyond.
  • Decreases Anxiety: It helps children become familiar with their new environment and teacher, easing those first-day jitters.

a sign that says supply drop off next to a file crate

Meet-the-Teacher Open House Ideas

Meeting the teacher is often the highlight of open house events for parents and students. It’s an opportunity for you to build a rapport with both parents and students.

Here are a few ideas to make your “meet-the-teacher” event a success:

  • Parent Meet-the-Teacher Note: This is a way for parents to learn about you without repeating the same questions. You can create your own or personalize our done-for-you template.
  • Supply Drop-Off Labels: Organize a spot for parents to drop off supplies, if your program or school uses this method. Use clearly labeled bins to make the process easy and stress-free.
  • Student Information Forms: Make sure to have these forms ready for parents to fill out before the first day of school. This will help you feel more prepared and parents will feel more at ease sending their child to school. Information forms can include emergency contacts, allergies, and any other pertinent information.

The resources mentioned above can all be found inside the Open House Bundle.

Planning a Successful Back-to-School Open House Event

Planning is key to a successful open house. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you prepare:

Set Clear Goals: Determine what you want to achieve with your open house. Is it to inform parents, answer questions, meet the students, or all 3?

Preparation: Begin planning well in advance. Send invitations to parents at least 2 weeks before the event. Include all necessary details such as the date, time, and what to expect.

Create a Schedule: Plan the flow of the event. Decide on the order of activities, allowing time for introductions, activities, and Q&A sessions.

Getting the Classroom Ready: Ensure your classroom is clean, organized, and welcoming. Have as little as possible out on your shelves as the children may get into things they shouldn’t during the event.

Create a Welcoming Environment: Have student’s names placed around the classroom. The elements for this Welcome Bulletin Board are included in the Back-to-School Open House Bundle. Placing student name cards on cubbies and throughout the room will create a more welcoming atmosphere for everybody.

Get everything ready: Collect all the materials you need, like welcome letters, information packets, and sign-in sheets, ahead of time. Ensure everything is prepped and ready to go for the big event.

black pocket chart with supply cards

Open House Tips and Tricks

Parent Information Packets: Make your own packets with important info like daily schedule, supply list, class times, FAQs, and more to send home. Or you can use our done-for-you template in the Open House Bundle. Write each student’s name on the front of the packet. Don’t forget to include your contact information! At the end of the open house, collect any packets that remain so you can identify who didn’t attend.

Create Your Presentation: Create your presentation or use our done-for-you template. Then, use your Smartboard or whiteboard to project slides that explain the daily routine and answers to frequently asked questions.

Practice Your Presentation: Rehearse what you’re going to say and how you’ll say it. Being well-prepared will help you come across as confident and knowledgeable. You can also use the notes feature in PPT to keep yourself on track.

Q&A Session: Parents can ask questions about the curriculum, classroom management, and any other concerns. This session is planned specifically for answering questions.

Parents are encouraged to participate and seek clarification on any topic they are unsure about. The purpose of this session is to address any concerns or doubts that parents may have. This transparency builds trust and confidence.

Helpers: Ask teaching assistants or family members to help with sign-in, handing out packets, and managing traffic flow before the event. You can get helpers to assist with different tasks to make the event run smoothly. Having extra hands on deck can help things go more efficiently. Consider reaching out to others for support in organizing and managing the event.

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How to Make Your Back-to-School Open House Memorable

Personalized Welcome Postcards: Send home a personalized welcome postcard before your open house. Write a message on the postcard, such as “I’m happy you’re in my class” or “Excited to meet you”. Include the date and time of the open house.

Scavenger Hunt: Try the super easy scavenger hunt included in the Open House Bundle. This will help you keep parents and students moving in and out of the classroom to reduce crowding.

Photo Booth: Create a fun photo backdrop with props. This not only serves as a great icebreaker but also provides parents with a memorable keepsake from the open house.

a small can of play doh with a welcome tag
Welcome Gifts: You might consider having something small and inexpensive to give your students at your open house. There are 3 different versions of these gift tags included in the Open House Bundle, one for poppers, goldfish, and play doh.

Conduct a Successful Pre-K Open House

Welcome Guests: Greet each family personally with a smile as they arrive. Make them feel welcome and valued from the moment they step through the door.

Engagement: Smile and engage with parents and students throughout the event. Be approachable, answer questions, and make sure everyone feels included.

Parent Volunteer Sign-Up: Create a table for parents to sign up to help with classroom activities or events. This encourages parental involvement and fosters a sense of community

Conduct the Event: Follow your planned schedule, keeping a close eye on the time to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Follow-Up: After the event, follow up with parents. Send a thank-you note, answer any remaining questions, and provide additional information as needed. This shows your commitment to communication and partnership for the upcoming school year.

Follow these steps and ideas to make sure your preschool open house is a good experience for everyone. It’s important to make a good first impression, share important information, and create a sense of community from the beginning.

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