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15 Lovely Letter L Crafts & Activities

Looking for lovely Letter L crafts? Lovely, love, ladybug, look, LEGO, lemon, are all lovely L words. Lights, ladybugs and more bring learning fun alive with these Letter L Activities and Crafts. These are great to practice letter recognition and writing skill building that work well in the classroom or at home.

15 Letter L Crafts and activities- collage of 6 pictured letter L crafts for preschool kids including- l is for paper ladybug craft- l is for lego rainbow- l is for Lego pencil holder- L is for ladybug puppet craft- l is for soda top letter L craft- L is for DIY lava lamp craft- kids activities blog
Let’s choose a letter L craft!

Learning The Letter L Through Crafts and Activities

These awesome letter L crafts and activities are perfect for kids ages 2-5. These fun letter alphabet crafts are a great way to teach your toddler, preschooler, or kindergartener their letters. So grab your paper, glue stick, and crayons and start learning the letter L!

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Letter L Crafts For Kids

1. Letter L is for Lamp Craft

What color would your kid choose for their own L is for Lamp Craft? What a fun way to learn letters of the alphabet. 

2. Letter L Lava Lamp Craft

How about some science with these DIY Lava Lamps? via Little Bins for Little Hands

3. L is for DIY Star Wars Lamp Craft

Pull out your old comics for this DIY Star Wars Lamp. A fun craft, Star Wars, DIY décor, and the letter l. What a great way to learn. via Our Peaceful Planet

4. L is for DIY Peter Pan Shadow Night Light Craft

How about a shadow? Try these DIY Peter Pan Shadow Night Light Project! via Busy Mom’s Helper

Letter L Activities Lamps Lights- diy blue, green, and yellow lava lamp in a clear bottle, letter L in the shape of an orange lamp, star wars lamp, lamp that emits peter pan shadow
Lamp starts with L and we have so many lamp crafts!

5. Letter L is for LEGO Craft

Nab those LEGO bricks laying around and create a pretty LEGO Rainbow. This is a ton of fun and if you put it against a blue piece of construction paper it’ll look like it is in the sky! 

6. L is for LEGO Picture Puzzle Craft

Photo memories & building combine in these LEGO Picture Puzzles. This is a great letter craft for young kids. Learn letters and exercise their brain! via I Can Teach My Child

7. L is for DIY LEGO Marble Run Craft

Keep them happily occupied for a long while with this DIY LEGO Marble Run via The Crafty Mummy

8. Letter L LEGO Suncatcher Craft

Bring some fun to your windows with this LEGO Suncatcher. This is a different way to learn a new letter. via Busy Kids Happy Mom

9. Letter L LEGO Marble Run Craft

Looking for more letter l craft ideas? Your little builders will love making this LEGO Marble Run via Frugal Fun 4 Boys

10. L is for LEGO Pencil Holder Craft

I don’t know who would love this DIY LEGO Pencil Holder more, me or the kids! Each block is a different color so it is a simple way to make your desk a little more fun. via Handmade Charlotte

Letter L Activities LEGO- lego puzzle, lego marble run, lego suncatcher to look like a lego head, and a lego head pencil holder.
Make your homework desk extra special with a LEGO pencil holder.

11. Letter L is for Ladybug Crafts

Hang this Ladybug Bird Feeder Craft in your trees for your feathered friends! via Busy Mom’s Helper

12. L is for 3D Lady Bug Craft

You could do a ton with this 3D Ladybug Craft. Grab your black marker to give the lady bug lots of spots! This is such a cute paper craft, I love it. via Crafty Morning

13. Letter L Egg Carton Ladybugs Craft

Put that empty egg carton to use with these fun Egg Carton Ladybugs. I love letter crafts that also let us recycle, it is a perfect way to use up things you have around the house. via One Little Project

14. L is for Ladybug Finger Puppet Craft

Imaginative play will be a blast with this cute Ladybug Finger Puppet. These is one of the many creative ways to not only teach your toddler, preschooler, or kindergartener the letter l, the letter l sound, and also promote pretend play. via Artsy Momma

15. Letter L Ladybug Crafts

How about some Pop Top Ladybug Crafts for some recycled fun? via Crafty Morning

Letter L lady bug crafts- ladybugs made from egg cartons, red with black dots with pipe cleaner ears, black painted lady bugs with pop tabs painted red with black polka dots, red paper puppet that is red and black, and 3d paper lady bugs with googly eyes.
You can make 3D ladybugs! What a fun letter L craft.

Letter L Activities For Preschool

16. Letter L Printable Activities

Want more fun activities? When you’re done having fun with these 15 Letter L Activities and Crafts, try our Color By Letters sheets! These also double as fine motor activities.


Learn about the uppercase letters and lowercase letters with these fun educational activity sheets. They are a great activity for practicing fine motor skills as well as teaching young learners letter recognition and letter sounds. These printable activities has a little bit of everything needed for letter learning.


If you loved those fun letter l crafts then you’ll love these! We have even more alphabet craft ideas and letter L printable worksheets for kids. Most of these fun crafts are also great for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners (ages 2-5).

homemade sour gummy alphabet A-Z shown on dark background - Kids Activities Blog
Oh so many ways to play with the alphabet!


Looking for more alphabet crafts and free alphabet printables? Here are some great ways to learn the alphabet. These are great preschool crafts and preschool activities , but these would also be a fun craft for kindergarteners and toddlers as well.

Which letter L craft are you going to try first? Tell us which alphabet craft is your favorite!


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